United Heart Group experts in developing countries at the highest level using minerals and resources within countries.
United Heart Group Ready to invest money and Raising capital and funds for any project. 
United Heart Group experts in health care projects such as building emergency rooms and a summer public and private hospitals. Supply of medical equipment, training of nursing staff, provision of ambulances and private provision of medical services at the highest levels.
Our medical staff of the company United Group, up over 40 years experience as doctors, professors and surgeons.
We are specialists in building a summer field hospital in a few days the hospital ready to work with all the necessary equipment.
United Heart Group experts international projects such as economics and agriculture, water and electricity infrastructures, superstition and pumping water,
United Heart Group, has extensive experience in international trading of minerals, gold and diamonds, oil and gas.
United Heart Group, has the capability and experience to raise capital as needed and accompany projects in every country in the world.